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Rent terms

Tenant Requirements:

From 19 years
From 1 year
Driving experience

Required for rent:

The passport First page + registration
Driver's license

Insurance deposit

To rent a car, a refundable security deposit is required, the amount of which depends
from the selected car, as well as driving experience.

Additional expenses

The tenant is financially responsible for all related costs during the use of the car,
including payment for city parking and fines for traffic violations.


  • 1. Transfer control of the car to a third party not included in the contract
  • 2. Using a car for criminal purposes (fraud, smuggling, drug trafficking)
  • 3. Using a car for profit
  • 4. Violation of established speed limits

If any of these violations are detected, the car can be forcibly withdrawn, without compensation.
paid funds and security deposit.

Sample lease agreement

Lease Agreement File

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